Monday, 3 September 2012


Singlehanded, from Bourne End to Henley. The day started off baking hot, and got progressively warmer. Passed through Marlow Lock, Temple Lock, Hurley Lock and Hambledon Lock. Knackered.
1930's Motor Car, with proud owner. Sadly, I was in too much of a hurry today, to ask him much about it.

Sumo was onboard, to give me doggie companionship. But his steering and rope handling skills are rubbish. So I ended up having to do all the work, while he just messed about.

Waving goodbye to the Marina. Lock closures are happening early this year, so we will be back down here again at the beginning of November.

Moo @ Geese.

Eek! Marlow Lock! But thankfully, everything went smoothly. And I didn't ram the entrance, making myself look foolish. I've got a centre line on each side, and they're both long enough to loop round the bollards and back to me. They worked really well, with no need to flap a single line over the chimney and mushroom vents. Glad to see the back of that little stress. Also, when the lock keepers realise you're solo, they're very helpful. The one at Marlow, especially so.

Stopped at Temple Lock's 24 hour mooring for a cup of tea, and to give mister his lunch. It is sadly neglected, and overgrown with weeds. There are no signs anywhere. And I get the feeling that people don't want you to know that it's still there.

The mooring mugging device in Henley accepts debit cards. It's £9 for a night here. But I would rather pay the council, than the bloke on "Willow Brook" who jumps on tourists as soon as their pins are in. Saw him hassling some unsuspecting "Le Boat" hirers down below Henley bridge. I understand that he's making a living. But for your £8 you get no services at all. Nothing. £5 is reasonable for that. £8 is just a cheesy ripoff. And £8 is the norm in a lot of places now. Shameful, really.

Tucked up under the trees, enjoying some nice shade, and looking forward to a peaceful evening.

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