Thursday, 6 September 2012


Berthed alongside Chas (Nb 'Long White Cloud'). It was another lovely sunny day. But I didn't just sit on my arse and do nothing. Err... Well, I did some of that. But, the wood on the roof has dried out and it's now well seasoned. Some of it needed splitting and bringing inside before the wet weather returns.

So I kindled and logged as much as I could comfortably fit inside, without tripping over it. Or filling up the shower with it. Then moved the boat up around the bend, so that Sumo can step on and off comfortably.

I forgot that thursday is bell ringing practice night.

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  1. Hi son glad to see your back on the river, have not had anything to read for age's glad the weather is being kind as well, hope that your both fine and well,when is Sheena due back and how is her mum, we are both fine, dad & lesleyann