Sunday, 16 September 2012


We enjoyed a peaceful night at Shiplake College. Somebody walked past the boat at 3.30am, but I don't think they were burglars. On the way down this morning, the lock keeper at Shiplake took the mickey about us being "Semi Permanant Residents of Abingdon". I explained that we'd been stuck behind the Red boards. He laughed and said "That's what they all say!". Continued on down to Wargrave, which is a lovely spot for a stroll...

Until you come across this...

Somebody considered the middle of the footpath to be a suitable place to light their fire. What an idiot!

Bags 'o' Shite. Which will be there forever. How very considerate.

A bath?! The mind boggles. No, it's not for feeding cattle. Somebody has dumped it there. And as there are no houses on this side of the river. You get three Guesses... :)

Sigh. The worst part of this, is that some pillock has left the plastic from their tinnies strewn about. Birds get their feet caught in that stuff all the time, sadly.

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