Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Slowboat to Henley

Wb 'Walhalla' at Henley. We don't like it ourselves. Unusual, yes. But also a bit ugly. 'whalehalla'. :) But the owner seems to be very happy with it, so good luck to him.

Marsh lock was well behaved. The weir stream was minimal, so we didn't get pushed into anything before we could get tied up.

Sheena, indulging in some buffing.

Our Labrador tiller pin. Thanks Chas!

Sheena, rustling up our Bacon Baps.

Our view, this morning.

The towpath moorings below Wargrave and Shiplake were all empty. So we made the most of them, and both enjoyed a relaxing couple of days without any hassle.

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