Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tesco on Thames

Spotted Roy & Sue (Hb 'Baglady') yesterday. They were less than complimentary about my winter beard. "You could get a job as a Father Christmas!", shouted Roy, as they made their way off downstream. Sheena tells me that the baglady website is announcing their retirement this year. So I guess this will be their last cruising season. I hope it's a good one for them.

We set off up the river, with half of Sonning woods on our roof today. The sunken boat (mv 'Nut Shack') is still there, at the tesco moorings in Reading. It's been spilling it's fuel for three weeks, and nobody seems too bothered about it.

Stocking up on supplies, tonight. And heading off up to Beale Park, tomorrow. Bit grey, but at least it is not baking hot, or piddling it down with rain (yet).


  1. Winter Beards - essential to keep the chill out... I am tempted to keep my beard for summer too, grown fond of it - although it has a slight badger appearance!

  2. Hi Graham. Yeah, Beards are much maligned. I thought I was sticking it to the man, by saving on extortionate razor blades. But on reflection (literally), Roy was probably right. Dunno about getting a Father Christmas gig. But I do a very passable Paulus the Wood Gnome.

    Hope things are good with you mate.