Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Good Wood

Today, the inside of the boat resembled a lumber yard, but we made good progress. Chas has a circular saw, so it was fairly easy to cut up the new boards into the right sized chunks, which we could easily pop down into place. We've managed to rip out all of the rotten chipboard underflooring, and replaced it with good quality plywood. In the process of doing that, we discovered we have pea shingle (a gravel path) for ballast. The silicone had held on the poo tank, and it was watertight again. Hooray! But to be extra sure a split never reoccurs, we've edged all the seams with angled plastic, and strapped it up tight with ratchet straps. It's also been securely fixed in place, so that it cannot move anywhere. Ever. Tomorrow, we can reposition our throne, fix on the fascia boards, and we are good to go. I dread to think how much all of this would have cost in a boatyard.

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