Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sonning Triangle

Yep, we're still at Sonning...

Sonning Bridge
We were only going to spend a couple of days here, but it's turned into a couple of weeks, as usual. It's that kind of place. All the work is done now. The throne cover and rotten floorboards have all been replaced, and there was plenty of wood left over to make us a cross bed (which turns our mini-double into a kingsize). Oh, and a new TV stand. The sun is out. It's glorious. And far too hot to be doing anything remotely strenuous, like cruising. We're all enjoying just sitting around and doing nothing. Another of the great joys of boating.

We bumped into Uri Geller and his bodyguard yesterday. He started making a fuss of Sumo, who jumped all over him. I was half expecting the bodyguard to leap into ju-jitsu action, but he was quite relaxed about it, thankfully.

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