Monday, 19 March 2012


Our throne started wobbling about, so we had to remove it for inspection. Lovely! All the securing nuts and bolts had corroded through, and the rubber seal had failed. When the toilet was off, we discovered that there was a split in the front of the tank. When we moved the tank, we discovered that the floorboards underneath it were rotten and 'whiffy'.

Thankfully, we'd just pumped out at the TK marina. And B&Q is not very far away, so procuring the new wood wasn't a problem (thanks to Chas's roofrack). Val Wyatt Marina's chandlery had a service kit for gravity discharge bogs, and plenty of black silicone. So we are sorted with all the bits we need. Screwfix's disposable latex gloves, which come in handy boxes of 100, were useful today. Really glad I had some.

Oh, well. It needed doing. Obviously hadn't been looked at in many years. It's good that we can fix it all now, rather than have this problem in the middle of summer.

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