Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring Clean

I've been enjoying the very welcome sunshine, and keeping myself busy while Sheena is down in Devon. It's not been a particularly harsh winter, but a very long drawn out one, and I'm glad to see the back of it. The river has been behaving itself. It hasn't rained for ages, so there isn't much of a flow in it at all. Looking forward to getting underway again.

One of the great joys of boating, is the everchanging reflections the moving water casts up on your ceiling.

Moved across the river, because they were craning in big boats at the marina. A nice opportunity to get some work done without being hassled. Popped out the leaky window. Had to repaint the whole of that side, because the oxidisation of the paint meant that the shades of green didn't match up. What looks like 'Racing Green' when it first goes on, dulls down and looks more subtle with age. Still, it is done now.

Scary blank space. But it's fixed the problem. Hopefully.

Engine sorted. Bilge Painted.

Roof finished. One tin was enough, thankfully, as the colour has now been discontinued by the manufacturers. Also did the handrails, while I was up there.

And when I'm not slapping paint everwhere, I'm enjoying some beautiful countryside walks with Sumo.


  1. Hi, we have a couple of leaky windows where the sealant has degraded & plan to remove them, treat any rust & refit, was wondering what you used as sealant when you refitted yours?


  2. Hi Julia. I used B&Q 'translucent bathroom & kitchen sealant', because that's what I had knocking about. It oozed out satisfactorily when I tightened the window screws up, so I'm hoping I've used enough to form a waterproof seal.

    Some people (on the canal forum) say "don't ever use silcone, because you won't be able to paint over it". But the excess rubbed off with my fingertip easily, when it had had time to dry.

    The previous owner had used an adhesive mastic before, and the frame was a real pig to get out.

  3. Thanks for reply, will stock up on silicone sealant,it's not a job we are looking forward to. But we'll find a nice quiet wide bit of towpath somewhere on a sunny day or two then it should be easier !