Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bring the Noise!

We've spent a nice couple of weeks, just bumbling about, and doing nothing much. Sheena's gone down to Devon to look after her mum again, so it's just me and beastie manning the boat. We've had a few sunny spells, which has given me the perfect opportunity to play with a power tool.

There were some rust spots on the roof that needed tackling. Wore out three grinding brushes removing the last couple of meters of concreted budgie sand, that I didn't have time to remove before. Fixed a bodge I discovered lurking underneath it all. And slapped Vactan (anti-rust) everywhere. Forecast is for rain, tomorrow. So I'll let that wash the dust & grit off the boat, hopefully finishing it off on Thursday.

Sumo scuffed up the bed in protest.

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