Saturday, 4 February 2012


Enjoyed a really nice birthday yesterday. Thanks Everyone!

A pleasant surprise to discover that I was only 48, and not 49. Maths was never my strong point. Our good friend Jorma popped up for a visit from Devon, and all of the marina guys had signed a birthday card for me. Also, the landlord of the Bounty pub wouldn't let me buy a round all evening. Wehey!

Dropped to -10 overnight. Probably Scotland and the north got it worse than us, but it was still quite chilly.

Frozen Solid
Tried to go for a jolly down to Cliveden woods today, but the Cookham lock cut was frozen solid with an inch of ice. Did a bit of icebreaking, before deciding that it probably wasn't very good for our blacking & hull. Reversed out, and headed back for Bourne End.


  1. Happy Birthday Ken!

    (the verification code for posting this was woofers - vert apt!)

  2. Cheers Graham. not the best time of year to be going out and getting ratarsed. but it was an enjoyable day.