Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Grey Day in Marlow

Pulled too far forward on the entrance to Marlow lock, didn't have enough room to manoeuver, and ended up ramming the concrete entrance on the way in. BONNGGG!!! Thankfully, I was in reverse at the time, the impact was minimal, and there were no icecream eating gongoozlers around to witness my ineptitude. So, Marlow lock is definitely my least favourite lock on the whole of the river. The lock keeper didn't seem to mind very much though. Apparently, I was the second person to do it that day. Kind of him to let me know, I thought.

Stopped over at Higginson Park (Marlow), so that we can top up on supplies. Despite the promises of sunshine, there hasn't been enough heat to punch through the cloud layer, so things remain pretty grey and dismal, weatherwise. We've got plenty of coal, logs and kindling, so it's not that much of a problem. It's definitely not shorts and T-shirt weather yet though.

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