Sunday, 1 April 2012


Sumo is 8 today. Happy Birthday!

It feels like only yesterday, when we brought him home. But he's enjoying his new life on the river, and we're glad he doesn't have to climb up and down stairs anymore. It's just stepping on and off the boat, which has to be good news for his hips.

We cruised up from Reading to Beale park, in the sunshine. Passing through Caversham, Mapledurham and Whitchurch locks. Only Mapledurham was manned. Not that we minded.

We all enjoyed today. With it's full-on spring gorgeousness. There were very few boats moving today. A few narrowboats, but mainly "le boat" holidaymakers, who rush from one lock to the next. I didn't ram anything, and we got the pick of the peachy mooring spots. Currently tied up *alone* at Beale Park. Loving it.


  1. Happy 8th Birthday Sumo! From Oscar on nb Chance! x