Friday, 13 April 2012

Perfect Lifestyle

oh yes...
ok. will do.
Stopped over at Abingdon, because Sheena has to visit her mum again. Lovely place to just sit back, and wander about. Tomorrow, there is a world record bun throwing competition. The winner, gets to throw buns from the roof of the newly cleaned and unscaffolded museum. We all had a nice easter, camped out in the bushes above the lock, but are now back down by the bridge, so we can get our supplies easier.

The poster is for some new luxury apartment boxes, which have been built inside the Old Gaol. Small windows with bars. Lovely. I do like that 'aspirational' cruiser they've plonked in front of their uninspired brickwork though. This could be you! LOL.

Here's my version...

If you can view video, the computer generated Virtual Tour is highly recommended. Zombieland, UK. It looks more like a research facility inside, than a place you would want to call "home". Still, each to their own, I suppose.

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