Saturday, 7 April 2012


Maybe this is common news. But it was a surprise to us. Yesterday, at Days Lock, chatting to the relief lock keeper, we discovered that the environmental agency have a shortfall in their budget of £800,000 this year. Their solution to this, is to sell off all of their lock cottages, and leave the majority of the thames locks unmanned.

I personally, think this is stupid. And will lead to a fatality. What price a human life? Less than £800,000. Obviously. Some of the crews on the hireboats we've seen haven't had a clue. They've been a danger to themselves, and other boaters. Also, with nobody around to check licenses, the problem of nonpayer's could also balloon. Causing the EA even more revenue loss.

I don't have a solution. But I do feel that "flogging everything in sight" isn't the way to go about things. It's a short term fix, which completely ignores the future. Very narrow thinking.

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