Friday, 18 March 2011


Bourne End Marina CrewPeter wanted me to take some photos for the local magazine, which showed the marina staff out in all weathers; illustrating that their job is not all just about skylarking around in the sunshine. I know 'dogma' is my home, and not Bourne End marina. But when it comes round to the time for us to move on, I will really miss these guys.

Matty, Richie & PeterWe're hoping to get going on, or around, the 15th of April. So I'm making the most of every remaining day here. Not that I didn't before. But some nights, I look out of the back door at 3am, and feel there is no better, more peaceful or tranquil spot on the earth. Feel really lucky and privileged to have been able to spend a whole year here.

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