Saturday, 19 March 2011


What a beautiful day. Unfortunately, early morning tranquility was ruined by hordes of people, who'd decided to descend on the marina, and start buffing up their boats in preperation for the beginning of the boating season. Peace and quiet was replaced with the whirr of power tools, and orders barked at children. Decided to forgo the pleasure of the England vs Ireland six nations game, and get myself out of there. Several narrowboats had gone downstream earlier in the day, and I doubted if I'd get the best mooring at Cliveden Reach. But, I went for a jolly in the sunshine, anyway. And thankfully, it was unoccupied.

Not a cloud in sight!Enjoyed a lovely stroll around the woods with Sumo, who couldn't believe his luck. And then spotted an American Mink swimming across to one of the islands. It sneaked up to some people having a barbecue, where I lost sight of it. Massive thing! And a really good swimmer. More graceful in the water, than out of it. Glad it didn't come our way!

Birdsong and Bookreading.
Chicken Madras for tea.

Stress level = 0

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