Saturday, 12 March 2011

Golden Quay - Round Two

The Golden QuayThe sun is out. And so is Mister "Golden Quay", with his boat. He pitched up and plonked himself on our mooring. When he'd moved off, the marina moved us back to our place. He came back downstream 10 minutes later, and said "I'm going to breast up next to you overnight. Is that alright?". "No, it isn't, We pay for this mooring and I don't consent to you moving across my boat, or leaving it there all night", I replied. His face flushed with anger, and while I went to phone Peter the marina manager to come and get him off my back, he and his wife continued to harangue me, and upset Sheena. "You're on the thames, you should abide by the laws", was one comment thrust in our direction. He then accused us of "never moving", and "living on a public mooring for six months".

I asked him to show me the signs where it says "free public mooring", and he exploded, "You've been sat over there, on a 'no mooring' spot all afternoon". Which is true, as a working boat had needed the jetty, and the marina had put us there. After which, he'd turned up, and we were unable to move ourselves back.

Peter explained to him, "The marina has an obligation to provide a certain amount of berths for public mooring". And continued, "if the jetty is occupied, please come and see the marina staff, and we will find somewhere else for you". (all of which was explained to him, when he tried pulling the same stunt last summer). He grumbled. And moored himself in the empty space in front of us.

Ten o clock this morning, him, his wife, and his whiny kids, all took off. But now he is back again.

Peter says he doesn't like Narrowboaters. With an attitude like that, I expect many narrowboaters don't like him, either. Thankfully, I stood my ground, and he had to move elsewhere. His face was red, and his voice angry and raised. "How dare somebody have the audacity to challenge me?!!". Well, I'm glad I did. He's a bully, with no consideration for other people. I also resented his implication that we are freeloaders. "He only sees what he wants to see", was one comment in the pub, when I relayed the tale to local boaters. "Obnoxious Knob", was another, from somebody else, who had encountered him before.


  1. From the Picture it looks more like Grubby Quay rather than Golden Quay!

  2. I can't say anything mate. I have chimney tar down one side, and mud on the front, from when we last rammed the bank. We look "used" and "lived in". I don't think we've buffed up the boat since I painted it (this time last year). Other people seem to spend an inordinate amount of time buffing up theirs, using all sorts of potions and waxes, while trying to keep them pristinely clean. But I'd much rather be out boating.

    Funnily enough, I felt the same way about my vespa, too.

  3. After posting my comment I realised that I really shouldn't make such comments as my boat was far from "neat". But it just seemed slightly ironic for a "posh" and snobby twat to have a boat called Golden Quay and it only too look pretty grubby.

  4. Oh, he's not "posh", mate. He's middle class with a big chip on his shoulder. The wealthy people of Bourne End have been really nice to us. They've treated us like human beings. Whereas Mr Golden Quay speaks to everybody like they're poo on his shoes. Everything is phrased as an order, or a command.

    When his bad manners upset Sheena, I tell her.. "Just be grateful you're not married to him". :)