Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Sheena is back for a few days. Not quite enough time for us to make it down to Runnymede and back, so we're currently moored up in Windsor. Enjoyed lots of sunshine on the way down, complete with the added bonus of avoiding the Bourne End census operative; who came sniffing around the marina. ohdearhowsadnevermind.

The bits that wouldn't fit in the showerJust before Boveney lock, we got mucho free wood from some generous workmen who said we could take what we wanted. They're laying the foundations for an olympic bridge. It will span the river, enabling rich people to walk across from Windsor racecourse, to the Eton boating lake. It's due to be knocked down two years later. Which sounds quite insane to me. But I guess somebody will benefit from it.

Sour point of a beautiful day, was walking around the park with Sumo. I was glowered at by followers of a religion that does not like dogs. Especially black ones. Sadly, we get this regularly. Almost every time we bump into them, in fact. I find the attitude quite depressing. Not an event I am proud to record. But as the blog is also "thoughts, feelings & impressions", I feel I must.

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