Thursday, 10 March 2011

Quite Gusty

Dogma moored at HenleyDownstream from our MooringWe've made it safely back to Marlow again. The journey up to Henley went fine, apart from Hambledon lock, which was a pig to negotiate, in both directions. Going up, the weir stream drags you off of the layby, and coming down, the wind blows you off, into the path of the weir. Which was a bit hairy. Had to do a 360, and attempt it twice, because it was so squally. Hambledon has surpassed Marlow, and become my "least favourite lock". According to the lock keeper, a widebeam boat had trouble there on the same day, so I'm relieved it genuinely is troublesome, and it wasn't just my lack of skills.

Temple IslandTemple IslandThere were some 47mph winds on the wide stretch coming downstream past Temple Island, but we managed it OK. The overnight in Henley was nice and peaceful. But, the town of Henley itself, is very built up, and I think I prefer the open plan pleasantness of Marlow.

Stay behind the Line!Hurley lock is nowhere near finished. The concrete lock chamber looks new, and there are nice shiny chains for canoeists to cling onto. But the bollards are not done, and only one side of the lock is fully operational. Workmen had to hold our lines for us, and I don't think they were terribly impressed at having to down tools and help boaters. Nice of the lock keepers to let us through, though.

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