Friday, 4 March 2011

Sunnier Day

Not a cloud in the sky, and the river looked like a pond. So, it was another good day to sally forth, and buff up on my solo boating skills. Decided on downstream, because it's a journey that i've done lots of times with Sheena, and I knew that I could take it all at a leisurely pace.

Blew it, by tieing up on the opposite side to the lock buttons. Doh! Manoeuvered to the other side, and just as I was tieing up again, the lock keeper appeared. "I've just come back from lunch, and the last thing I expected to see was a boat!", he said. He then pressed all the buttons, while I dangled off of the ropes in the sunshine.

Enjoyed a nice little cruise down to the Cliveden estate. Nudged myself into the trees gently, and swung the stern around gracefully. "Would you like a hand?", said a passing dogwalker. "But it doesn't look like you need it", he said. "Thanks, but I'm fine. We must have moored up here twenty times before, it's a lovely spot. Cheers for the offer, though.", I replied. Engine off. Tied up. Tiller removed. Stern gland greased. Kettle on. Nothing but sunshine and birdsong. Ahhh..

Sumo can't wait to test out his new chucky ring.

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