Tuesday, 29 March 2011


This year's boating season is nearly upon us, so I guess it's inevitable that this is the best time for people to get going to where they want to be.

It's sad to see the marina start to thin out, and familiar faces that i've got to know well over the last year, dissapear. Estoban (Mv 'Gutsy') departed on sunday. And today, Peter ('Big Baloo') set off singlehanded for his new mooring in Reading, before anybody had the chance to get up and wave goodbye. I know they're setting off for new adventures, and nothing stays the same forever; but I will still miss seeing them around. Alan & Sue (Mv 'Latitude') are staying until the end of April, so it looks like we'll be the next liveaboards to shove off.

In a remarkable contrast to yesterday, today is a cold grey day, so me and Sumo are taking it easy with some first class chillage. Sheena is due back this afternoon. Big shout out to Richie's uncle 'Gramps' for turning up with his chainsaw, and making light work of our logpile. Cheers..

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