Tuesday, 3 July 2012

More Rain

Oh, more rain?
How lovely.

As you may have gathered, we had another trip to the Vets today. Sumo's picked up an ear infection from swimming in the river. We're not sure if it was thames water in the ear, or just water in the ear that caused it. But it's definitely a bacterial infection, and it needs treating with ear drops. Have to take him back in 7 days to make sure it's cleared up. Apart from that, he is fine. We got an excellent service from Abivale Pet Hospital, again. Previously, we've had to wait up to a week for ear swabs to be analysed in the lab. But they were able to do it in under 5 minutes, on the premises. Which was great.
So, errrm, now I'm an overstayer. And a part of Abingdon's problem. Which makes me feel bad. Thankfully, things are not so busy down in town, and there are a few spaces still available. There seems to be movement on the wall moorings too. So, it's not like the place is stuffed full anymore. The almost perpetual rain seems to have kept the majority of hireboats away too.

Actually, there was a break in the miserable weather a couple of days back. And I was summoning up the courage to set off down the river on my own, singlehanded; when I read about this.. Somebody rammed Bones's boat! (blog). And it didn't seem like such a good idea, after all. Now it's started raining again..

Lighting a fire in July feels pretty weird.
But I'm glad we have it.

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