Friday, 1 April 2011

Sumo is Seven

Well impressed with his stuffed cuddly and birthday B-O-N-E.

Brainz..One of his female admirers popped by to say hello..

Well, hello..I think he had a good day.


  1. Can't believe he's seven already! Ken, did you get my email recently?

  2. Hi Gregg. yes indeed, the years are rolling by. still, we try to squeeze the most out of every day.

    Didn't receive your last mail? Good to hear from you though, because Sheena and I have been worried about how you were. We get patchy reports here in the UK. The media gaze seems to have switched over to NATO bombing Libya, and it's all gone quiet about Japan.

    Stay safe.
    Love to you, and yours.


  3. Hey Ken,

    We are all well thanks! Should be moving to Italy in about a month. I sent you an email from my gmail address on 18th March, I'll send it again from my regular email. ;)