Friday, 29 April 2011


We're still at the bottom of Mr. Uri Geller's garden, on the *cough* free bit. We've seen Mrs Geller, who didn't pick up after her dog pooped. But we haven't seen Uri yet. Apparently, he's instantly recognisable because he insists on wearing a ridiculous disguise. A bright red wig, and some overly large glasses.

Yesterday, Mr. Terry Wogan's private helicopter landed at The French Horn's helipad, where he probably enjoyed 'fine dining' (min £50 starter), and 'peaceful tranquility' (@ £215 per night). Which makes Uri's £10 sound like a bargain.

Nice One, JimmyToday, Jimmy Page walked past our boat, smiled, waved, and said hello. He seemed like a really friendly bloke, and it would have been great to chat. The other narrowboaters here, say that is not uncommon. I think he wanted to come and peer into our engine bay, but he was really really busy putting his tongue down his young girlfriend's throat. So, maybe another day.

The new 'Universal' alternator turned up, the day after we ordered it. Great service. Unfortunately, the supporting lugs were in the wrong place. But Chas & Terry got random pieces of iron, bolts, anglegrinder, and welding machine out of their boats, and in a few hours it was all sorted. Wehey! Thanks lads.

Peter, from Wb 'big baloo' also stopped by, on his way back to London. Not terribly happy with his new HTC phone. But, otherwise in good health and spirits.

Oh, and there was a Royal wedding. A narrowboat full of Vikings. 20+ Canoeists, dressed as pirates. And a shiny shiny narrowboat owner moaning about bridge hoppers, who thought she couldn't be heard from the riverbank, but could.

Quite a busy day, really.


  1. Your post here about Jimmy Page is being repeated elsewhere as fact.

    If not true not very kind to perpetuate unkind stories.

    Love your blog though.

    It appears you have a lot of fun boating and blogging.

    Beautiful area to explore

    Take Care.

  2. Why would this decent,honest couple put something on their blog which is not true?

    There is nothing to suggest that they wish to be unkind to Mr Page. They merely wrote about what they genuinely witnessed that day.