Sunday, 24 April 2011


dogma at HenleyUpstream from HenleyIt was heaving in Henley. Not seen so many people gathered in one place for quite a while. Sheena grabbed us some milk, and we got ourselves out of there, pronto. I'd been told that the weir stream at Marsh lock was "not very nice", but with not even a puff of breeze, and no stream at all, we managed it easily.

Marsh LockWe then cruised around a couple of beautifully scenic bends, before finding the moorings at Wargrave Marsh. Where we are currently tucked up, underneath some (spreading) chestnut trees, which are providing us with some much needed shade. Very nice.

Slightly dissapointed we couldn't moor up, and investigate the (alleged) Druid's Temple, which was plundered from Jersey in 1792, and given as a gift; from one rich man to another. But, hey, I guess we can't have everything.

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