Thursday, 7 April 2011


"Oh, to be in England, now that April's there."
~ Robert Browning

It's been getting progressively hotter this week, and today was too nice a day to just sit alongside listening to Matty's radio all day. Most of the traffic on the river has been big Aegean style cruisers. 4/5 of which have grumpy people at their helm. There was no lock keeper at Cookham Lock, going both ways. Though I did share it with another narrowboat (NB 'Jeremy Fischer' ?) going downstream. Unfortunately, he tied a knot in his mooring line, and his boat hung up, when the water was being let out. Thankfully, he noticed it in time, and stopped the flow before any damage was done. When more water was let back in, his boat refloated, and it took the pressure off, so he could untie himself. Close one.

Spent the afternoon trundling around the woods with Sumo. The islands are already stuffed with small boats, but nobody was tied up on the Cliveden bank, so we had the place to ourselves again.

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