Friday, 8 April 2011


Rather than suffer Magic FM's limited playlist again, I took off downstream with the aim of letting Sumo dive in for a swim. Cookham lock was manned today, because I guess, it was guaranteed to be very busy on the river with the sun out. When I got down to Cliveden, a GRP cruiser was sat in my favourite spot, sipping on their G&T's. Or maybe it was Pimms. I couldn't tell from across the river. But, they did have their pinkies up, and their deckchairs out. So I had to ram the bank further on downstream. Which went fine.

There was plenty of water underneath us, a sturdy tree to tie up on, and I didn't even have to get the plank out for Sumo to get off. Peachy bit of parking. The boat-to-tranquility ratio had obviously decreased, but the sun was out, the birds were singing, and it was fabulous down there.

Enjoyed a delightful pootle back to Bourne End at just over tickover. Nobody but me on the river. Rounding Cookham Bend, I was rewarded by the sight of "Mr Golden Quay"
buggering off from our mooring. I guess he'd been told to vacate, if he saw our boat coming back. haha... Which put the cherry on top of the day.

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