Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Get off moi land!!!The mooring we are on, is owned by a Polish publican, and he "isn't too bothered" who is on it. Unlike Uri Geller, who wants £10 a night for his moorings 100yds downstream. So, we're staying put here for a couple of days while we source and fit a new alternator.

The one we have is designed for a mini cooper, and it isn't beefy enough to charge up our batteries properly. It's also mounted at a "funny" angle, which means that the belt is slipping (causing unwanted heat and friction), and the engine cooling system isn't functioning properly. We're a bit dissapointed that Steve didn't spot that, when he mounted it for us, but we're on the case now. With no generator, we're 100% reliant on the engine for charging up the batteries. So it makes sense to get the most amps we can from it.

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