Thursday, 9 December 2010


We got snowed in, down in Devon. Should have been there for a few days, but it turned into two weeks. When we got back to the boat, it was dark, the hatch was frozen shut, the 12v lights didn't work, and we had no mains power to any of our sockets. The inverter was also lit up like a christmas tree, and not making a sound. Our battery bank was clearly flatter than flat. ~Oh dear~.

Pretty xmas lights
Lit the hurricane lamp, so we could see what we were doing, and then got the stove going. The gas was still working, so we had a much needed brew. Steve turned up, kindly sorted us out with a power lead, and lent us his heavy duty battery charger.

Three days on, and the batteries are still not fully charged. Everybody thinks it's the new arrival at the marina, on a wooden boat, who said he only has lights and his TWO 3kw heaters going!! Feelings are running pretty high, because he's been tripping out everybody's elses fuses while we were away, and causing general electrical mayhem for the other liveaboards.

Naughty NorsemanWe're hoping that the inverter hasn't had a massive spike through it, and caused any permanent damage. Also hoping that we haven't completely knackered the batteries by draining them down to 0%. Still waiting patiently for the batteries to top themselves up, so we can test out the inverter again. When we flick the switch, we can hear it trying to boot itself up, but it's still failing dismally. Fingers crossed.

I knew i should have turned the fridge off before we went away. But, I was a trusting pillock who thought everything would be alright. Lesson learned.

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