Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

Temperature didn't rise above freezing all day. Tried to start the engine, but just ended up flattening the starter battery.

The residual snow is all hard packed and deep frozen, making it like a skating rink to walk on. Handy for keeping the oven chips frozen, but quite dangerous. Skidded myself down to the shops earlier, and bought some more supplies. Now we're battened down, with the stove on, and enjoying a peaceful evening..

Hope everybody else is, too.


  1. Stay warm and happy Ken, Merry Christmas to Mumxxx

  2. Merry Yuletide to you both!

    Best wishes for the New Year,

    Gregg, Miho and Clara-Rose

  3. Thanks Mum. Thanks Gregg. Despite the freezing temperatures, this one has been surprisingly easy going. Hope 2011 works out well for you, too.