Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Power Situation

Steve has wired up shorepower, so that it gets passed along to our internal 240v sockets. Our mastervolt is probably sat in a warehouse somewhere, on it's way back to Holland. The warranty wasn't very generous, so we didn't qualify for a new box as a direct replacement. Our old one has to be sent to the factory, repaired, and sent back.

Due to the below freezing temperatures, the batteries don't seem to be holding much of a charge. Trying to use as little 12v power as possible, to give the 5v trickle charger more of a chance. Still don't know if they've been permenantly damaged, or if it's the weather.

Most people here seem to think it was "the wooden boat" that caused the problem. But as we weren't here, we have no proof that was the case. We think it was quite likely. But, sadly, we cannot prove it.

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