Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Happy Solstice

We got snowed on. Like most of the country.

More than the light dusting we were expecting5 inches of snow on the roof, frozen ropes, ice on the inside of the windows, and night time temperatures down to minus 15. None of which has put me off boating.

Inside, we are fine. The stove is working well, and we have plenty of logs and coal to burn. Our plumbing is below water level, and remains unfrozen. The engine and radiators were anti-freezed during the summer. So, nothing to worry about there.


  1. I see sumo has got the best seat!

    Not sent package, been moving - and lost item to send, but re-found. so will send after the festivities!

  2. He always does, mate. And his favourite hobby is scuffing off all the pleather from the arms.

    cheers for the parcel update. Sheena reminded me to ask you about a month ago. In case you were thinking we were incredibly rude.

    Have a good one.