Wednesday, 22 December 2010


The snow seems to be retreating from here. It's vanished from the boat, and on the village roads it's turned into a slippery brown sludge. There's been a couple of fairly light 'flurries' today, but nothing that looks like it will settle again.

Unlike the situation these poor people have been facing..

'Audrey Too'

From reading their blog, it appears they got iced in, while on the way back to their winter mooring. No stove!!! No water!! So, they were having to rely on an expensive diesel heating system, which they left on all day! (ouch). Lugging fuel and water around in a wheelbarrow, down a snowy towpath, doesn't sound like much fun. Hope they are tucked up somewhere warm for xmas. Hasn't been any updates for a while, so they've probably baled. And who could blame them?

Feeling extremely fortunate that our own winter situation only necessitates a journey of 50 paces to the waterpoint, fuel and gas. Don't know if I'd be able to cope in Narrowboat Audrey Too's predicament. I suspect Sheena would be on the first train out of there, and I'd be heating up snow for me and Sumo to drink.

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