Friday, 19 November 2010


A very foggy cold morning. But without a puff of wind, and no current at all. So we decided to venture out upstream again. The engine started up fine, but..

Fifty Quid?!The switch for the tunnel light came off in my hands, which wasn't a particularly auspicious start to today's journey. But we borrowed a signalling lamp (Thanks Richie), and cruised ourselves up to Gosmoor (Near Marlow) to top up on supplies, without crashing into anything. There was a pea-soup fog all the way up to the road bridge, but just before the lock, it was ridiculously warm and sunny. Like a spring day. Grateful to be able to stow my hat, coat, scarf, and gloves while I enjoyed the winter sunshine, and put the kettle on.

Pinched it!Sheena returned with some tasty M&S sandwiches for lunch. Unfortunately, Sumo jumped up and pinched the unopened egg one, from off of the kitchen worktop. Severely not very impressed with him. But he thought it was hilarious. Tail up, Naughtiness.


  1. LOL... true enough. :)

    But we've noticed that as well as red/green, a lot of boats display a white light centrally. We weren't sure if this is required by law, or just good common sense, when you can't see any further than your boat length.

    Thankfully, there was nothing else on the river, so we didn't need the signal lamp anyway. And, t least I now know the tunnel light needs fixing.