Thursday, 18 November 2010

Marina Dwellers

Exactly one year ago, today, we were sat here, waiting for the crane company to deliver the right strops. It's funny to think that we haven't moved an inch, since then. In a roundabout way, they did us a favour, by spannering our plans to move the boat up to Reading before we moved on board.

One year on, we take pride in the fact that we've been out and about on the river much more than all the other narrowboats, and that we now know the boat inside out. We're both glad we didn't take peoples advice, and try a weeks hire, before we took the liveaboard challenge. The fourteen hundred quid we've saved will buy us a large amount of diesel.

It's been an incredible year. Full of fun, new experiences, and challenges. Both of us are very glad we did it. And both of us are looking forward to another year afloat.

wOot for us!


  1. A year already!! bloody hell, how time flies.

    Glad you're both enjoying the life afloat - I miss it terribly!!!

  2. it does indeed. seems like only 5 minutes ago, since you were sitting here in the king seat, telling me "we'd soon get the hang of it".

    don't forget you're always welcome to come up and have a go. we'll sit by the fire with our feet up, while you do the steering.