Monday, 29 June 2015


I was genuinely gobsmacked to discover that a long term overstayer had moved on from shiplake college, and we were able to tuck ourselves in there while it rained and blew a gale yesterday. The lads enjoyed running around on the rugby pitch, and Bryn got his first mega towpath walk up to Chas's boat (3 miles). Unfortunately, I slipped and fell into a swampy bog (up to my waist) on the way back. Sheena was not terribly impressed with my muddy shorts and squelchy waterlogged boots. But later saw the funny side.

Set off this morning in absolutely beautiful weather. Just a hint of a cooling breeze and the river as calm as a mirror. The reading tesco moorings were completely stuffed when we got there, with double breasted boats everywhere. Though thankfully (with skilful boat handling), I managed to reverse us into the last spot in town without ramming any trees.

Aiming to be at Beale park this evening, hopefully under the shady Willows. It's very hot now, and I am a bit concerned that we might bake out on the meadow, even though it is ultra lovely up there. With many happy Sumo memories. I miss seeing him sat in his chair when we're cruising along. But am very glad we have Bryn and Olly along for the ride. They both loved Sonning when we stopped off for water. Bryn was running around like an idiot in a figure of 8 pattern and a big grin on his face.

It's a shame that Uri Geller (with his ridiculous house as big as his ego) has the monopoly on moorings there now. It used to be such a lovely place for an overnight. But I guess nothing is forever. And at least we got to enjoy it while it was still free.


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