Saturday, 27 June 2015


Left the marina yesterday. stopped at harleyford overnight, so that the boys could step on and off easily. Awoken at 8am by a farmer banging on the roof, wanting his £5. He first turned up at 7.30, but banged on the wrong end of the boat, causing me to believe I'd dreamt it, and I'd gone back to sleep. Sheena was not terribly impressed by this, but that's the way it is on this stretch of the river.

Enjoyed a very pleasant cruise up to Henley today, in perfect conditions. The lock keeper at Hurley chuckled, when somebody on a cruiser was jealous of our blue flag. And the lock keeper at Hambledon complimented me for my steering into a completely stuffed lock without ramming anyone. Wehey!

The river at Henley was mostly roped off, with everybody preparing for the forthcoming regatta. It's £50 for an overnight mooring while that is going on (complete with a free ton of goose poo). Thankfully, we will be nowhere near here then. luckily, we got the last mooring space in town (thanks to my masterful boat handling). :)

A quick shop, and we will be off again.... It's nice to be moving. Especially in this heat.

(Pictures turned out disappointing. Sorry).


  1. There was me thinking you'd have your stripey blazer and straw hat ready to partake in some Pimm's.

  2. Always up for a pimms, Andy. Though sadly, I do not own a striped blazer. :)

  3. glad too see that your both well and the boys are settling in fine, take care,

  4. Hi dad. Nice to hear from you. We are fine. I feel such a cock for not looking at the calendar and missing Father's Day (again). Apologies. Hope you and Lesley Anne are well.

  5. nay problem son as long as the four of you are fine and well, we are both well.