Friday, 12 June 2015

Narrowboats Sod Off!

That's the message Marlow council appear to be sending, by having the affrontery to charge TWELVE ENGLISH POUNDS for an overnight with NO SERVICES WHATSOEVER. Even Henley only has the neck to charge nine for their water tap.

We pitched up there today, hoping to do some food shopping, but were quickly shooed off. The whole of Higginson park has been blocked, because of the regatta and (f)unfair. Well, sorry Marlow, you used to be such a nice place for an overnight and a meal. But with your new found greed and nastiness, you will now never get to see another penny of our money ever again. raspberries in your general direction.

On our way back to Bourne End, we saw this...



  1. I have just caught up with your blog again after your first post about Bryn. The new pup looks great and Bryn is clearly going to have his work cut out keeping his dominant position as wise old dog!
    We are on the Thames now for the first time - moored at Teddington at the moment and on to Hampton Court tomorrow. Will be keeping an eye out for you all!
    Cheers, Marilyn (and David) nb Waka Huia
    PS I need to read back through your blog to find the best places to moor up!

  2. Hi Marilyn. Bryn's such a kind and gentle soul. He seems to be taking it all in his stride. They've had a couple of plays together, with Bryn showing him how much mouth pressure he's allowed to use (flooring Olly when he takes it too far). They seem to be getting on really well together, and though they fill up our little boat, we think we made the right decision to take on two.

    The weather has been lovely recently, with very little flow on the river, so I hope you and David have a pleasant cruise upstream.