Thursday, 25 June 2015

Shiny and Red

Keep your feet off the upholstery, Ronnie

Cleanest Bilge in the West

"Take me out!" hassle

"Where's my treat?" hassle

Bilge painted. Toot removed from roof. Engine oil changed. We are finally ready to move! Looking for some shady spot upstream, because next week is supposed to be stupidly hot. Even the magic wind (electric fan) brings little comfort, when the sides are too hot to touch at 9am. It's also regatta and festival season on the lower reaches (increased mooring fees and fewer places to stop). Definitely time to go..

Olly's toilet trained. He goes to the back steps and woofs. We haven't had any 'little mishaps' for a week now. Learning not to poo on the boat came really quickly for him. His bladder control took a little longer, but we're mostly there now. And he's letting us sleep in until 9am. Bonus! He's growing quite quickly and turning into a gorgeous little chap, even though he is still dangling off of Bryn's ears given half a chance.

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