Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Beale Park

Much needed Shade

Hot Dogs

Tiny Terror

Venus Jupiter Conjunction

Wayyyy too early

Beale Park

We found some much needed willowy shade for the late afternoon. But moved onto the meadows a couple of hours later, in the hope of copping a small breeze. Never happened. We baked until the sun went down. Sadly, the meadows were far too hot to take the boys for a ramble. Maybe we'll be luckier on our way down.

Olly is waking me up at 7:30am on the dot. He's drinking a whole bowl of water at a time, which as his bladder is not yet fully formed, necessitates 20,000 visits to the outside. Thankfully, he reluctantly uses puppy pads on the well deck while we are going along. As there have been quite a few places where it has been impossible to stop (too full with other boats).

This morning however, I was able to witness the grand narrowboat exodus upstream. All of them going flat out. All of their engines sounded really rough. I've no real wish to get baked again, the glare off the river is really quite fierce. But I'm glad I'm never in that much of a rush that I have to cane our engine.

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