Friday, 1 November 2013

Bring it on...

Shiplake College
Ready for whatever nature will throw at me. The journey up from Henley went fine. There was a bit of light pizzle, but no sign of the continuous downpour that was forecasted. Very mild for this time of year, too.

Shiplake/Wargrave Reach.
No wind. No sign of current. Had to do Marsh and Shiplake locks myself. But the rest of it was all pretty easy going..

Baled out on stopping here, because the bow was tucked well under that sizeable overhanging tree limb, and the stern was scraping on concrete filled sandbags. Coming in from the other direction is better, but still too close to that tree, if there are going to be strong winds blowing.

Same old boats. Same old places.
Lucky me.
Thankfully, I managed to tuck myself in, on the end. And there are no large overhanging branches.

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