Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Time to Split

A nice dry day presented a perfect opportunity to get those beech rounds split up. The extra weight high up on the roof makes us wobble around about a bit more than usual. But the well deck drainage holes are still clear of the water.

Mister didn't help much. He's hoping santa will bring him a new chair, because he's totally scuzzed up his old one. I don't know how he gets himself into these spine twisting positions, but he seems comfortable enough. Gave me big wags when I asked what he was doing.

8 days until Sheena comes back. It's been a long old month of seperation again. Hoping to take her downstream for a couple of days to unwind. River conditions are still pretty good, all things considered. Complete absence of the nasty biting wind which has made previous Novembers less than brilliant for travelling.

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