Wednesday, 27 November 2013


We are registered as a 'small ship' now. The cost of a gold licence went up again, and as we won't be able to venture onto the canals for the forseeable (due to Sheena's mum needing 24/7 care), getting a River only licence made much more sense. Especially seeing as we can afford that, our annual insurance, and a 21 day trip down the river Wey for less than the price of the C&RT's gold licence.

Unusually dry and mild weather for this time of year. The river level is still quite low, and it's hardly flowing at all. We're hoping to get ourselves down to Windsor, before Sheena has to go down to Devon again.

Sunshine. Perfect opportunity to get the anglegrinder out and fill in the rough spots.

The repairs to Bourne End railway bridge are finally nearing completion, and it's time to offload the scaffolding. Given what happened last time, we are staying *well* out of the way.

The camera fails to do the colours justice, but there are some beautiful sunsets here.

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