Sunday, 3 November 2013


It huffed and puffed yesterday. But nothing blew down. Glad to be moving again, because one boat was burning wet house coal, and the other was running their generator all hours of the day and night.

Shiplake Lock

Boater's Gold!
Happened upon some newly-cut-and-ideally-sized-for-a-morso-squirrel Beech coins. Did not take the whole cache. Because I am nice like that. Courtesy of Mr Uri Geller. :)

Awwww, Mister.

Off we go...
That's Sonning Bridge to our left. The dummy "unauthorised posting facility" has been removed now. Dick Turpin and Black Bess crossed over the river here, on their way through to Oxford. It's one of my favourite thames bridges. Also an 'interesting' navigational challenge, because the weir stream can push you off course, when you are lined up to go through it. Eek!

Chas, safely alongside.
It was a bit windy, but check out that blue sky. Had to deploy my sunglasses for the journey upstream. In november! Chas's engine behaved, and a passing dogwalker helped tug us in. Cheers mate!

On my way down through Shiplake, I finally got to see Paul Daniels at home. Sitting alone at his table, and facing away from the river. It made me ponder the downside of fame and celebrity. And on how much time they have to spend in solitary confinement, because they can't potter off down the shops, or go for a walk in the park like us 'ordinary' folk.

Heading Back
Some twat (there is no other word to describe them, really) left 3x110ah batteries in the bushes at Wargrave. Did they think that the battery fairy would come and dispose of them? I've brought them onboard, so that the marina guys can weigh them in for xmas. I know landlubbers don't give a damn about anything anymore. But when boaters don't give a rats arse either, it makes me despair.

That aside, everything is going fine. The predicted 60mph gusts for today didn't materialise. I'm in the 'unsuitable' mooring that I passed on the way up. Having an early night, because I'm hoping to mosey straight on through the 'pay zone' and get down to Temple lock tomorrow.

Nice fire. Feet up. Good day.