Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween in Henley

Happy Halloween everybody.

Hola mister Sun! 
Setting off up the river, to help our mate Chas move his boat. There's some atrocious weather coming, and I wanted to be safely across the wide open reaches before it happens. Am currently in Henley, and will be setting off early tomorrow morning in search of a mooring that isn't underneath any trees. Saturday, I am definitely staying put, because moving would be stupid.

This is where it all went pear shaped. Near Marlow.
All going well. Psyched myself up for the journey. Nearly at the lock. When I noticed the incongruous big brown fountain of rust, water and anti-freeze that was gushing out of the header tank. Oops! The voltmeter was still showing it's normal 14 amps, so the fanbelt hadn't snapped. Wonder what it was....

Sheared Alternator Bolt.
Pfft... Fashioned a repair from an old furniture bolt, and luckily had a nut that would fit it. Started up. Engine cool. Phew.... On my way again...

Temple Lock. Self-service.

Harleyford Marina. Stuffed.


Not a puff of wind, and no rain.

Saw two boats moving downstream, for the whole journey. Apart from that, I had the river entirely to myself.

Scuffed up the bed, but snoozed most of the way.
Oiked him off for a wee at every opportunity. Of which there were quite a few, because I had to do most of the locks myself. The lock keepers were checking their weirs, preparing for the forthcoming deluge. Though the two at Marlow were super helpful, and I was in-and-out within minutes. I held the bow rope, and got to see the water rush in. Which was quite a novel experience, because I'm normally at the other end. 

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