Saturday, 12 October 2013

Clean Shoes, No Shouting.

The golden rules of the RNSA.
Which came in very handy this season.

Echoing what I have read on other narrowboater's blogs... When everybody piles out of their marinas for their annual summer jolly, there simply aren't enough moorings to go around. Throw an increased number of overstayers into the mix, and the whole system breaks down. We've lost count of the number of times we've been lied to, deliberately shafted, and overtaken by smiling people whose intentions are quite obvious. It kind of rubs away at the fun. As a rule, I don't like to post negative things on our blog. But I would be lying, if I didn't at least record it. Parts of this year have been quite stressful. Even at 3mph.

Also noticeable this year, was the effect of budgetary deficits and financial cutbacks. Fallen trees appear to be no longer removed as a matter of course, and are left cluttering up the river. which is especially awkward up above Oxford, where the channel twists and turns a lot more. Shifting sandbanks and lack of dredging at moorings was also a bit of a problem. But enough of the list of moans. On the days when the sun shone, it was absolutely gorgeous.

Leisurely Bimble. Home Park, Hampton Court

Sunset at East Molesey.

Autumn comes to the Cliveden Islands

Beans on Toast for us. Whole leg of Lamb for Sumo (Thanks Carl)

Squeaky Duck was a big hit.

Dogma, dressed for Sheena's *cough cough* birthday. Glow in the dark, LED powered balloons courtesy of Hilary. Unfortunately, they popped in the sunlight next morning.

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  1. belated birthday greetings Sheena hope you had a good one, dad & lesleyann xx