Friday, 4 October 2013

Our 31st Wedding anniversary

Another anniversary, already?
At least we are not in London, like we were this time last year.
It's good to be moving.

Politely asked "how long are you staying?", at Hampton Court this morning. So we've left, and pootled our way back up to Molesey for supplies. A bit of light drizzle, but nothing like the Scandinavian epic winds and churned up river we faced on the way down.

Very few other boats are moving now. 99% of the summer visitors have scuttled off back to the canals, and the majority of the big plastic boats are all tucked up and canopied over for the winter. In some ways, this time of year is much nicer and much less stressful than travelling around in high season.

Loving it.


  1. Happy anniversary to you both and many more to come. We feel just as you do with regard to autumn and winter cruising. It's grand having the water more or less to ourselves.

  2. Thanks Jaq. Appreciated. We've encountered quite a few "landlubbers afloat" this year, and not experienced very much in the way of boaty camaraderie. Left a bit of a bad taste. but we are trying not to let it spoil our own fun.

  3. sorry I'm late son but congratulations hope you both had a great day dad & lesleyann ofoe

  4. Thanks dad. Hope things are good with you and LesleyAnn. Sheena has to go back down to Devon again soon, so it was nice to just bumble about in each others company.