Saturday, 3 August 2013

To Abingdon

After more than a few relaxing days in the shade and bushes of Wallingford, we are on the move again... Yesterday, we made our way up to Abingdon, where we are extremely lucky to get the last space in town. A boat was pulling out, just as we were arriving. Otherwise, the place was completely stuffed. They came back an hour later, and were quite miffed to see that someone else was in 'their' space. Sorry, but that's the way it goes, isn't it?

The journey wasn't too bad, though the stretch from Days lock to Culham was as boring as usual. Baking heat, nowhere to stop, and a dozen different views of Didcot power station. Thankfully, our little 2 cylinder engine did us proud again. And the alternator held on with 'two bits of string' (cable ties), didn't chew up any more fan belts. All good.

Heron on nest, snapped by Sheena.

Edit: to call the Culham reach 'boring' is an overstatement, on reflection. It was the Thames. And it was sunny. Parts of the journey through it were "very nice". We saw herons, dragonflies, damsel flies, and baby coots. It's a shame that the predominant vista is "power station". But I suppose, they have to go *somewhere*.

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