Wednesday, 28 August 2013


In the winter of 1636, some of the Welsh sheriffs were bringing up their Ship Money to Charles I and, "as they were to be transported by Ensam ferry, by reason of the...tempest, & unrulynes of some horses & overloading of the boate, 3 or 4 were drown'd, £8OO lost for a time, & 8 persons with some horses escaped by swimming."

Thankfully, it was calmer today. Not a puff, ripple or raindrop.

The 24 hour moorings were both full, when I pottered down to Eynsham at 11:30 in the sunshine, this morning. Which was what I was expecting. People buffing up their buckby cans. So I just ditched the rubbish, filled up with water and headed back upstream again.

Found a place to stop on the free meadows just past the toll bridge. Which, thankfully, has internet access, so I can order up some shopping. Faced with the choice of crossing Swinford bridge again (death by wing mirror), or gambling that I can find a mooring up at Bablock Hythe, I've opted for the latter.

Eynsham is a lovely, quaint, picturesque and historical place. With bags of character. It has it's own butcher and baker. And boasts (at least) three pubs. But it also a long way to have to lug your shopping back from, down to the river.

I'll probably lose phone and internet signal around the next bend. So maybe no more photos or updates for a couple of days. But I hope everyone has a good weekend.



  1. Hi son keep the history and the photo's coming, glad that your all well, dad & lesleyann.fistore

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